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Informed members with maximum participation resulting in quality plans, programs, and stewardshi​​p.


  • Work day volunteering for clean-up days

  • Use of waivers for legal protection



  • Send email notices of important events as needed

  • Maintain directory of current membership and post on the website as needed.

  • Updated clear, concise, and accessible Association Covenants, By Laws, and Rules posted on website.

  • Maintain and update Association Web Site; post announcements of events and activities.

  • Semi-annual newsletters provided to members through email, and posted to official Association Web Site.

  • Support use of NEXTDOOR/Town Square for limited RRR Social Networking, alerts, and unofficial posting of announcements.

  • Sustain Welcoming Committee as a part of the character of the Association.  Welcome both new members and new homeowners.


  • Administrative - Annual meetings and special meetings attendance meet quorum requirements for business decisions.

  • Community Clean-Up Days - Scheduled each Spring & Fall with active participation.

  • Operational - Committee membership and volunteer support for committee activities insures program success.

  • Social - Barn Party potluck following clean-up day

  • Town Hall Meetings - Scheduled periodically to provide a forum for membership understanding and input on process / procedures and issues that affect the community.

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