Safety and Risk Management

A community where safety and risk management are embedded in all aspects of administration and operations.  (e.g. speed limits and park facilities)
Risk Management
  • Limit liability of the association through risk management  ... reduce risk where possible… insure against remaining risk.
  • Limit access to members and guests (post as needed).
  • Insurance coverage is appropriate for assessed risk and mitigation.
Roadway Safety
  • Promote safe speeds.
  • Promote safe vehicle operation at dangerous curves and blind turns.
  • Promote safety at entry/exit to HWY 195.
  • Reinforce concerns regarding HWY 195 resurfacing to Texas Department of Transportation.
Park and Common Area Safety
  • Post and maintain safety and liability notices at common areas.
River Safety
  • Maintain safety and liability notices at common river entry areas (parks).
Wildlife Management
  • Maintain an effective wildlife management program.