2019 Goals & Objectives

Shown here are the nine goals you have established to guide the direction you want your association to take. Each of these goals is supported by near-term objectives that will help either attain or sustain those goals. The achievement of these objectives should be viewed as a measure of effectiveness of your Association and its participating Members. They mark the trail to making the community the place you want it to be.

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Facilities - "Commons"

Gated community with accessible parks with river access, maintained picnic areas and trails...members and guests only.

Road Network
A gated community with a six-mile road network maintained to county standards with appropriate drainage.


Administration services provided to sustain quality; programmed and funded by the membership.

A secure community; restricted in access and monitored.

Safety and Risk Management 
A community where safety and risk management are embedded in all aspects of administration and operations. (e.g. speed limits, park facilities and access)

Fiscal Stewardship
Funds managed to provide both annual operations & maintenance support while meeting long term financial requirements.
Proactive and beneficial relationship and alliance maintained with leadership within the state, county, and surrounding communities.

Groundwater levels meet near term community requirements while longer-term contingencies are in place to provide continuity of water service.

Informed members with maximum participation resulting in quality plans, programs, and stewardship.